Saints struggling to get to grips with the big boys

Fitting isn’t it, that my first post comes at a time which brings me back in time to when I first started watching saints. But with 0 points from 4 games, the saints are rock bottom. There are a few reasons that this hasn’t surprised me as well as the small group of realistic fans that where there in the dark days of League 1.

The first is of course that the fixture list wasn’t particularly kind. Playing last season’s top 3 is, you could say, a baptism of fire, however having watched 3 of the 4 games so far, they only have themselves to blame.

Throwing away leads against both Manchester clubs was particularly frustrating, as both games showed that defensive errors don’t go unpunished at this level. I was also unfortunate enough to go to the Wigan game, which the highlight was probably the Wigan fans chanting ‘Di Santo’ to the tune of ‘Gold’, which was mildly amusing. I won’t bother mentioning the Arsenal game as it showed how out of their depth saints are.

The second reason the current situation doesn’t suprise me is the lack of suitable investment in the squad. Personally, the only player in the defence I deem to ever be a premier league player is Nathaniel Clyne, who has decent potential ahead of him. The addition of Yoshida, a Japanese centreback, was much needed, but much more quality was needed to be added. Upfront is a different matter, but also the same. There seems a lack of quality up top, however the quantity is much higher. The additions of Mayuka and Rodriguez didn’t help with the overcrowding in the attacking department. This allowed Billy Sharp to go out on loan, which is a shame as I think he would be a useful impact player to complement Lambert up front. However, Ramirez looks a decent capture and I’m sure J-Rod will start scoring when he gets played in position, not on the wing.

However, after a difficult start, let’s make sure the season starts here, at home to Villa on saturday and the saints make their way up the table. In Nigel we trust. COYR.


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