The death of football?

FIFA have today confirmed that Goal-Line Technology will be used at the 2014 World Cup. This is just the beginning of the death of football. Goal-Line Technology will inevitably lead to many other forms of technology being implemented in our beautiful game. With the introduction of Goal-Line Technology, managers, fans and pundits will all clamber for off-sides, free kicks and tennis-like challenges to follow suit. One thing will lead to another, and in a desperate attempt to secure their jobs, managers will demand technology for offsides and free kicks.

Games will last at least twice the length when these are all introduced. Referees will become redundant. They already have to deal with abusive managers, fans and players, and removing these decisions from their hands will demean them furthermore.

Watching matches will be like watching a video game. How dull. Anyone that has played any of the ‘FIFA’s will happily tell you of the annoyance of the technology driven refs, with even the most inconspicuous offsides are given. One of the best things about watching the beautiful game is debating contentious decisions with your mates post match. Technology will eradicate this, with video game style rulings enforcing the ‘letter of the law’, leaving matches as 8 versus 8. You can’t program common sense into technology, this is where most officials come in to their own.

And anyway, when was the last high profile Goal-Line decision made. Clint Hill versus Bolton last season? Marko Devic’s goal for Ukraine against England in Euro 2012. These decisions happen about once a year. The Premier League is contemplating bringing in technology next season, but wouldn’t you rather your club spent the money that will be spent on Goal-Line Technology on their Academies. I certainly would.

Sepp Blatter stated that Goal-Line Technology is a “necessity” after Euro 2012, But what do you think. Leave a comment if you have an opinion on this.


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