The woes of QPR, and is ‘Arry all that?

QPR are floundering at the bottom of the Premier League, showing little sign of life, and no-one should be surprised. A team packed full of mercenaries will never show the same spirit and grit that a team such as West Brom’s great escapees or even Wigan’s annual group of relegation dodgers. The latest member of this ‘guns for hire’ squad is Loic Remy. He could have moved to Newcastle, 5th bottom, but roared on by over 50,000 Geordies each week, or QPR, who are rock bottom but have money coming out of their ears. Just like his predecessors, Cisse, Ganero and Bosingwa, Remy followed the money, with QPR reportedly offering £40,000-a-week more than the Magpies. That’s paying top, top wages for another distinctly average player. When QPR go down, they will be in serious financial trouble. A squad of average mercenaries on high wages and long contracts is just a recipe for disaster, Portsmouth all over again.

Another resemblance to the Portsmouth situation is the media darling Harry Redknapp. If you believe most of the media, ‘Arry is destined to keep the R’s up. But apart from hanging out of his car window on transfer deadline day, what has he done? Nothing, that’s what. He bankrupted Pompey, took Saints down, and cost Spurs a Champions League place, throwing away a 13 point lead to their nearest rivals. Anyone who says, “well he kept Spurs up” are obviously completely dependent on being spoon fed lies from the Harry loving media. Tottenham were never going down with players like Bale, Modric and Dawson, in fact the real failure was Harry not getting Spurs in to a regular Champions League place with those players, especially with rivals Arsenal and Liverpool looking incredibly weak.


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